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R-Bot Bench 70

R-Bot Bench 70

Field bench R-BOT (Arbot bench) made from large pieces of New Zealand pine. thick, strong, hardy Combined with coolness with distinctive colored steel joints  suitable for semi-outdoor areas. Covered outdoor spaces to complement the beautiful garden, home activity area / balcony / common area / office  Easy to arrange, suitable for all areas. Can be extended in a modular way

can be ordered according to the desired size 

  • Product Information / PRODUCT INFO

    • Semi-Outdoor Bench, semi-outdoor or covered area outside the house
    • W x D x H(Cm.) 70 x 45 x 45
    • New Zealand pine structure and seat Suitable for semi-outdoor and indoor use.
    • Joint structure to hold chair frame, thick steel, powder coated with high heat, scratch resistant, acid resistant, heat resistant
    • Making wood stain, Woodstain, Beyer, termite resistant, UV resistant, can be used for a long time
    • Easy to disassemble, strong
    • can be made to order according to the desired size
    • The color of the wood texture may change somewhat according to the lot of the wood order.
    • It should not be placed directly on the ground or lawn. and should not be placed in flooded areas
  • Manufacturing period / warranty

    • Production time 14-30 working days.
    • 1 year structural warranty for pavilion work and a 3-month structural warranty for furniture 
    • The color of the wood texture changes according to the lot of wood.
    • You can order the size and color as needed.
  • Ask for more information / order products

    • Line : @salabansuan
    • 092-298-7445
    • Sala Ban Suan Company Limited 
    • 20/264 Room No. GFW 4, Moo 9, Prachachuen Road, Bang Talat Subdistrict, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province
฿5,900.00 Regular Price
฿4,900.00Sale Price

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