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Hardwood pavilion (Teng wood) is easy to maintain.  Number of seats 6-8 people  Beautifully decorated, easy to disassemble fast installation (The narrowest aisle that can transport 80 cm.) 


    • outdoor pavilion and semi-outdoor Made of solid wood / Teng wood, stainless steel legs, sun-resistant, rain-resistant, easy to maintain.
    • Solid wood bench facade (Teng wood), stainless steel structure
      • Number of seats 6-8 people, usable floor, size 2.0 x 2.0 m.
      • Roof size 2.1 x 2.1 m., height 2.0 m.
      • Raised floor 20 cm. with stainless steel table, wooden top 150x55 cm.
      • Poly lath roof or artificial wood (opaque)
      • Beautifully decorated wooden structure.
      • Easy disassembly Fast installation (the narrowest aisle that can transport 80 cm.)
  • Production period/Warranty

    • Production time 14-30 working days
    • 1 year structural warranty for pavilion works and a 3-month structural warranty for furniture 
    • The color of the wood changes according to the lot of the wood.
    • Sizes and colors can be ordered as desired.
  • ask more

    • Line : @salabansuan
    • 086-883-9113
    • 092-298-7445
    • Sala Ban Suan Company Limited 
    • 20/264 Room No. GFW 4, Village No. 9, Prachachuen Road, Bang Talat Subdistrict, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province
฿120,000.00 Regular Price
฿96,000.00Sale Price

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